CRASH BAGGAGE at Les Galeries Lafayette Shanghai

We are on Mars, all around is yellow with a giant cart, that reminds us of a "mars buggy" overloaded with suitcases, lights, LED screens and a on top a flag with the brand’s logo, it is being pulled by a girl on a work out bike.

It’s with this installation that, on March 21st, Crash Baggage decided to celebrate the opening of its new pop-up store inside the famous "warehouse" Le Galeries Lafayette, in the heart of Shanghai.

The space of 110 sqm. has been conceived by the designer Alberto Caiola with the aim to create an ironic, nonsense situation, playful and free from any mental scheme.

And in Shanghai, after a tour on Mars, visitors were able to have a beer and listen to good music under a at the Crash Baggage Opening Event, strictly: "for party crasher only”.