about crash baggage

"What's the first thing we think about when we buy a new suitcase? We worry that it might get ruined”

That’s why our suitcases are already dented, worn-looking, crashed.
With Crash Baggage we want to overturn the very concept of luggage through our travel philosophy “Handle Without Care”, which exalts the freedom of movement and action wherever and whenever possible, without any worries.

Designed in different sizes to comfortably accompany you as hand luggage or large enough for long-haul journeys in the hold of the aircraft.
Our suitcases are made of ABS and polycarbonate, the most up-to-date materials in terms of resistance, lightness and comfort. And all without forgetting the environment: all our products are sustainable and realized limiting the presence of chemical elements in the various components to the least extent possible.

Travel without fears, no need to worry about the luggage.


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30034 Mira (Venice)
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