we LIKE having fun.

In 2013 we grabbed a HAMMER and invented the first CRASH BAGGAGE.
That was in Venice (Italy, of course). We’ve kept going ever since.

Sure 🙂
For us, life is a gig: we travel, we explore, we meet new people.
And we go with the flow. Hitches? Not stopping us. The unexpected? They are new EXPERIENCES, new opportunities. Excuse us, but we are curious. Stress-free. ‘HANDLE WITHOUT CARE’ is our motto, because of the high enthusiasm in our blood, and the worries to a minimum low.

And what about CRASH BAGGAGE’s suitcases?

They are stress-free, too. The dents represent the typical, essential trait of all our SUITCASES, which makes them stand out among all others (counterfeits included ;)). Also, the more you use a CRASH BAGGAGE, the more bella it becomes.

They’re so stylish!

Yep! You can find them in the same places you would look for
DESIGN, style, fashion… or new adventures.
(Psst… truth be told, we have been making suitcases since 19XX.
This was always our passion, even before we decided to dent them ;)).

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