Work with us.

We’ve no doubt that you’re an extraordinary and carefree person who loves to travel, has a high-level CV, is a team player, and speaks fluent Italian and English (and perhaps dabbles in a bit of Chinese).
But before you submit your application and we meet you in person, you absolutely must complete this test. Ready?


You’ve been sent to a trade fair in Las Vegas to unveil our Share suitcase (the clear one). Your mission is to emphasize the “share without care” concept and you know that there will be high-profile guests from all over the world at the event. Filling the suitcase with dildos and sex toys, infuriating the chairman of the fair, strikes you as:
A. A terrible idea.
B. Ingenious!
C. Sorry, what idea?


The Galeries Lafayette, Shanghai. You’re offered an exhibition space at the last minute. Your boss gives you 3 days to create a pop-up store in true Crash style. They want to order 3,000 bottles of beer, branded with their face on the label, and turn the store into a legendary party. You:
A. Call your architect friend so that you can pull together the party set-up without delay
B. Order the 3,000 beers and toast your boss – he asked for it!
C. Quit, mortified.


You’re on the Crash Careers page, ready to submit your application, but first you must take a test. They ask you if you’ve ever had a Spritz. How do you answer? This is easy.
A. Of course I’ve had one.
B. You buy a ticket to Venice and show up with a crate of Prosecco, Aperol, club soda and oranges (you’ll get the ice later).
C. You close the site.

Are you still there? Really?!
Well, then there’s no need for you to take the test. Tell us about yourself and send us your CV in an email