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AKA the boring bit.


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the contractual relations between the customers of the website (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") and the seller Crash Baggage S.r.l. This website is of exclusive property of the company Crash Baggage S.r.l. with capital of 20,000 Euros and with registered office in Mira (VE) Via Tresievoli n. 7 / E, P.I. 04166700270.
These General Terms and Conditions are the only applicable ones and replace all other conditions, except for preliminary, express and written exceptions.
The website and the materials contained therein do not constitute an offer to the public pursuant to and in accordance with art. 1336 of the civil code, but represent only a mere invitation to offer.
Any purchase order for any product present on the website forwarded to Crash Baggage S.r.l. through the website itself by any potential customer (hereinafter simply the "Customer") constitutes Customer's contractual proposal.
Finally, it is specified that the contract is stipulated in Italian. Once concluded, it will be filed in electronic form by Supplier's headquarters, in Mira (VE) Via Tresievoli n. 7 / E. A copy can be requested by sending an e-mail to


The Customer can be both a Consumer and a Professional. For clarity, it is specified that pursuant to art. 3 of Legislative Decree 06.09.2005, n. 206 the "Consumer" is defined as the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisan or professional activity eventually carried out. A "Professional" is defined as the natural or legal person who acts in the exercise of his/her business, commercial, craft or professional activity, or an intermediary of the same.
It should be noted that these general terms and conditions of sale apply to both Consumer and Professional Customers.


A necessary condition for being able to execute an order is that the requesting person is an adult (above 18 years old).
The order process consists of four consequential steps:
1) The Customer must first identify himself;
2) The Customer must choose the product/s and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale by ticking the appropriate box;
3) The Customer must select the delivery method;
4) The Customer must select the payment method.
Once the payment method has been selected, the Customer has to proceed with the payment of the order.
Once these operations have been concluded, a confirmation of receipt of the order made by the Customer is immediately sent.
Payments made on are safe and guaranteed and can be made by Credit Card, Paypal, WeChat Pay.
Any mistake in entering the data can be amended by sending an e-mail with the data to be changed to


Following the sending of the proposal by the Customer referred to in the previous article, an order receipt will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the same containing a summary of the general and particular conditions applicable to the contract, the information relating to the essential characteristics of the good or service and the detailed indication of the price, means of payment, withdrawal rights, delivery costs and applicable taxes pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 09.04.2003, n. 70 implementing Directive 2000/31/EC.
Furthermore, in case of a Consumer Customer, at the time of execution of the contract, the Customer will receive the information required by law with specific reference to the Consumer Code including those relating to the methods of exercising the right of withdrawal, the geographical address of the headquarters of the professional to whom the consumer can address complaints, and ask information on assistance services and existing commercial guarantees.


The Supplier will subsequently accept the order proposal only after verifying the completeness and correctness of the proposal itself.
In any case, the Supplier reserves the right not to accept the order proposal received if:
- The product is not available. In this case the Supplier will proceed to inform the Customer by e-mail and will refund any sums already paid for the payment of the product, provided that the Customer is not interested in modifying his contractual proposal;
- if the security system reports an order considered unusual or potentially fraudulent;
- if there is reason to believe that the person placing the order is less than 18 years old;
- if there is reason to believe that the person placing the order is a reseller;
- if it is not possible to deliver the product to the provided address;
- in case of force majeure.
In case of acceptance of the order proposal, the Supplier will notify the Customer about the conclusion of the contract.
From that moment, the Supplier will also be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein. From the confirmation of the order, the Supplier undertakes to execute the order received within the deadlines set out in Article 5 of this contract.



VAT holders can request an invoice when ordering by sending an immediate request by email to, reporting the order reference and complete invoicing information. In other cases, purchases will still be accompanied by a receipt.



All trademarks, products and commercial names used on this website are reserved and of exclusive property of the company Crash Baggage S.r.l.
Therefore, no one is authorized to use or reproduce such trademarks, names and denominations, as this could violate the rights of their respective owners.
In no case is the Customer authorized to use the information contained in the website including reproducing, modificating, distributing, unless prior authorization has been issued by Crash Baggage.


For any disputes with professional Customers, the Court of Treviso is exclusively competent.
The consumer's court is competent for any disputes with consumer Customers.

Art. 8 - PRIVACY

Please refer to the provisions of the privacy policy published on the company's website and made pursuant to and for the purposes of EU Reg. 2016/679 on the protection of personal data.